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Endpoint protection – not the sexiest of subjects? However, a vital one for your business security. And one that most businesses spend a lot of time and resources on. Yet, as we have seen several times in the news, all types of companies get breached, with severe consequences.

Why is this?

There are several reasons:

  1. You’re dealing with an explosion of endpoints and software: New users, mobile workstations, cloud apps – not to mention the host of new patches and updates needed for your existing endpoints.
  2. The threat landscape keeps changing: With new threat vectors like ransomware adding to the complexity of the huge number of known threats.
  3. You have a fragmented view of security: Different technologies don’t work together so you don’t have a view of your current vulnerabilities.
  4. Your human users make human errors: Uninstalling security software, using new services, falling for phishing scams…
  5. Increasingly important work is done on the web: Business-critical work such as banking and using CRM isn’t going to slow down any time soon – and the web isn’t going to stop being the most dangerous threat vector.

Put simply, the more your corporate infrastructure grows and changes, the harder it becomes to control every endpoint, and what employees should and can do in the corporate network.

But you don‘t need to despair yet. There are ways to get business security right:

  1. Get visibility into the current state of your security: So you can see your current security status and plan based on data.
  2. Scalability to secure your growing attack surface: So you can focus on the updates that matter most and ensure your systems’ performance levels don’t dip.
  3. Control over every endpoint: So you can make sure every user and endpoint is protected by similar, centrally managed configurations and policies.

Most important – it takes an IT security leader who’s empowered with the right technology to understand and protect every user and every endpoint. This way threat prevention can become a lot easier to manage.

The number of endpoints in your network won’t stop growing. Your users won’t stop using new apps or making old mistakes. And your attackers won’t stop finding new ways to breach your defenses. However, the easiest and most cost-efficient way to stop cyber-attacks is to stop them before they can enter your network.

So – if you’re going to protect your company, you’re going to need a smarter way to secure all your endpoints.

With the rapidly changing threat landscape, no technology alone can win the race against modern cyber criminals. That’s why we relentlessly study the threat landscape and have the best human experts who analyze hacker tactics and the motives behind cyber-attacks.

We combine the latest threat intelligence and human cyber security expertise to deliver continuously improving endpoint protection. Recently we released a new version of our onsite business security solution, Business Suite, a recent winner of the Best Protection award by AV-TEST.

Secure Point Technologies Suite gives you:

  • Greater visibility into the state of your securityso you can see your current status and make smarter plans.
  • Intelligent scalability to work smarter by staging the most important updates and accounting for every endpoint.
  • Centralized control over every user and endpoint so you can deploy the right policies to the right people.

This is how you stay in control in all situations. And ensure your business is protected against the vastly growing amount and sophistication of online threats.